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MINUMATIC Srl is a turnery that has been working on the market for 40 years, during which it specialised in the manufacturing of precision turned items characterised by a high quality standard.

It was founded as a small-sized family-run turnery thanks to the farsightedness of the founders and the increasing appreciation of the market; with the passing of time, it enlarged up to reaching the current size of 4,800 square metres of indoor surface with about 50 employees, thus undoubtedly making it the leading company within the industry of turned products.

We operate in the industry of precision turned metal nuts and bolts with state-of-the-art plants and machinery, always looking for optimal results, which are identified by us in maximum satisfaction of customers’ needs.

As we have a large fleet of machines (that you will find inside) at disposal, our manufacturing capacity is remarkable and allows us to be extremely flexible and timely in processing the orders and assuring a high quality level, as well as highly competitive prices.

We invite you to continue your journey throughout the site to understand and better approach the world of MINUMATIC Srl, leading turnery worldwide for precision mechanics.



The origins of Minumatic Srl turnery date back to 1972 when, thanks to the courage, the will and the decision of Mr. GIOVANNI VENEGONI, it was founded in San Giorgio su Legnano (MI), Italy, with the name O.M.S. It was a small-sized handcrafting business, which manufactured turned nuts and bolts.

In 1978, the turnery adopted the current corporate name, and the brothers Luigi and Egidio Venegoni became associates of the business. The continuous growth in time of the manufacturing activity led to a natural outlet in 1992 with the transfer to the current headquarters in Busto Garolfo (MI), while the old headquarters in San Giorgio Su Legnano were used as a warehouse to store and preserve the raw materials.

After the last enlargement of 1400 sqm, which occurred in 2012, the precision mechanical turnery Minumatic Srl covers a total surface of 7,000 sqm, 4,800 of which are indoors, and adding additional 500 sqm of the old headquarters.

The constant increase in the manufacturing capacity, which was achieved thanks to the continuous investments made in time, allowed the high-precision mechanical turneryMinumatic Srl to have a fleet of first-rate machines, which includes more than 50 numerical control lathes with sliding headstock and fixed head; a secondary machining department with grinding operations without machining centres, drilling machines, production milling cutters, rolling machines for threads, etc.; a large and stocked raw material warehouse; a department for the washing and the packaging of products, as well as a quality control department equipped with forefront and sophisticated instruments.

The precision mechanical turnery Minumatic Srl is currently managed by Mr. Giorgio Venegoni, who succeeded his father Giovanni in running the company and, together with a limited staff including experts and collaborators, coordinates the activity of 45 specialised operators.