qualita Minumatic

The strong point of the high-quality product supplied by Minumatic Srl must be sought for in the quality and the frequency of inspections performed during the entire manufacturing process of the item. The product quality control activity during the process is supported by specialised personnel, who are characterised by thorough experience in the field, as well as by a cutting-edge metrology room equipped with innumerable measurement tools that work in air-conditioned premises.

Indeed, we have at disposal:

  • 1 Three-dimensional Feeler with camcorder, scanner and Werth Scope-Check MB motor-driven devices
  • 1 MITUTOYO Three-dimensional Feeler
  • 3 Optical profile projectors
  • 2 Durometers
  • 1 Magnetoscope
  • 1 Profilometer
  • 2 Roughness meters
  • 2 Series of Johnson Blocks
  • 1 Roundness testers


Our Company applied and keeps a Quality Management System that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. The Certificate was issued by IGQ..